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Performance Data:
NB: Graphs are from GarageDori cars unless stated.
1JZ-GTE Dyno Grahps - Stock ECU
3S-GE Dyno Grahps - Aftermarket ECU
3T-GTEU Dyno Graphs - Stock ECU - GarageDori(Reo) && Mark Buckland
4A-GE Modified NA Dyno Graphs - from Russell Butler
4A-GE Dyno Grahps - Stock ECU
4A-GZE Dyno Grahps - Stock ECU - from Tim Harris
4A-GE Dyno Grahps - Aftermarket ECU
4A-GE Turbo Dyno Grahps - Aftermarket ECU

Megasquirt Install Journals & Configurations:
Install Journals:
Megasquirt ECU install into 4AGE+T AA60 - Dated: End 2003
3SGE - MSI Extra 020i - Gen2,ITB,fuel only --- MSQ --- VEX (fuel table) ---
4AGE - MSII 2.32 - Smallport,ITB,fuel only --- MSQ --- VEX (fuel table) ---
4AGE - MSI Extra 020i - Bluetop,ITB,fuel only --- MSQ --- VEX (fuel table) ---
4AGE - MSI Extra 024s13 - T3/4 turbo, 8:1 GZE Block, fuel only --- MSQ --- VEX (fuel table) ---

Engine Modifications and Other Conversions:
3SGE Engine Conversion into AA60
3TC Engine Build Up
3SGTE Engine Conversion into KE20
4AGE Engine Conversion into AA60 Carina
4AGE Turbo into AE86 --- Matt G's journal of his 86 GT-V turbo conversion

The information here is very old. 2001/2002?
There are better brake upgrades, suspension setups.
Shock Guide
AE92 Shocks (short strokes) into Corona RT132 or AE86 struts
Corona RT132 struts into Corolla KE35
Nite Parts Adjustable Lower Arms into AA60/AE86.

GarageDori Nostalgia - Reliving the teenage years..
Matt's KE35 Projects
Karl's KE35 Projects

EFI and Other Electrical Info:
Freedom ECU Map - 4 Throttles, 235cc Injectors
18R-GEU Pin Outs
18R-GEU Wiring Diagram
2T-GEU Wiring Diagram that I used/modified.
Toyota Ignitor Information

Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006