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11 Dec 14
We're getting the team back together!
In case you missed some of the recent action, see below and get skidding!

29 Sep 09
Forum Forum Forum...
Unfortunately the forum is going to be pretty much down for the moment..
It seems we have grown too large for the current hosting environment. We're looking into options... dedicated servers.. etc

01 Sep 09
Congratulations to Will on D1 NZ Final Round 5th Place!!
Fantastic placing after only couple rounds in new Monster Supra. D1 NZ Final Wrap UP

31 Aug 09
Thanks to Dori Clothing Company for the great video of Brendan at Taupo
Youtube file here: Rotary AE86 - 18a (12a triple rotor)

30 Aug 09
Forums fixed
Finally an end to the errors, come sign up and post your drift action pics/videos/project..

13 Jul 09
Congratulations to Brendan on 8th Place!!
Excellent finish in new setup at NZ Drift's Pukekohe Round.

22 Jun 09
Forum online again...
Not completely fixed unfortunately, but it will do for now..

21 Jun 09
Forum down for maintenance.
Sorry guys, will be back up when the few bugs are sorted out.

12 Jun 09
Brendan's AE86 new 18A engine setup!
Thanks to NZPC for brief write up on Brendan's new killer engine! Wop wop wop wop wop

28 Apr 09
Links Updated
Awesome one stop race car shop A1 Turbos and hooligans Team S Club added in.

24 Apr 09
Dyno Graph found. Matt's JZX30 Soarer
From November 2006, 212rwkw. Dyno Graph here.

14 Feb 09
NZ Performance Car article of GD AE70 Car now online!!
Thanks to NZPC for the great article of Karl's AE70 Corolla. Article here

Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006