Garage Dori
Fitting Adjustable Control Arms

Effects of longer lower arms:

  1. More track, pushes wheel out further in guard. Keep in mind negative camber will increase and so guard clearance won't reduce as much as you extend the wheel. We've done up to 50mm longer lower arms. Actual required amount depends on your setup.
  2. More cambler, roughly 1 degree per 10mm on an AE86 I believe. This can be especially useful when running GX71 or AA63 struts in a Corolla/AE86 without Revolver Negative Camber Adjusters.
  3. Potential for more steering lock. With the pivot point for the wheels further out, you're less likely to hit the inner guard on full lock.

I bought a prototype kit from Nite Parts & Performance - there are a lot of different companies offering these now. Most kits should include:

Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006