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4A-GE Dyno Graphs - c/- Russell Butler

This multi-run dyno graph was received from Russell Butler. Thanks Russell :D

"The top line (dark blue) is an 88kw big port head, shaved 1mm (10.4 compression), 9mm cams(310 duration), Injected, Quad throttle bodies (Not 20V), Haltec F7B fuel-only ECU, static 34degrees timing"

"Next line down (green) is a 100kw small port head, shaved 1mm, 9mm cams, Webbers."

"Red line is std 88kw big port with TVIS, std ECU"

"Light blue line is std 88kw big port without TVIS, std ECU. - Not too much difference between the two."

"The 4 lines below represent a 'horizontal torque'. The dyno utilised load cells to measure how much force the wheels are exerting and trying to push the dyno out the back wall. It is NOT a true torque, but an approximation that allows comparisons."

These image is ~500KB at resolution of 1280x1024. So I have resized it to 700x560 (in html, not physically). If you save this image and reopen it in graphics program (with zoom), it will show in full size. But this is above most desktop resolutions.

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This next graph is from the same engine but more modifications.

"The graphs show the 9mm cam engine (previously the best of the last graph) imposed on the two graphs of the 11mm cam engine.
The reason the lines are not horizontally correct is becasue I fitted a close ratio gearbox and as we test in 3rd, road speed is different in the "new 3rd gear".

"Anyway, the blue line is the first rought mapping and the geeen line is a second attempt at better mapping. max rpm was 8500rpm.
Std bottom end, Wiseco pistons, STD (no porting) big port head and quad throttle bodies"

Any questions should be asked on the Club4AG messageboard

Again, much thanks to Rusell for these graphs.

Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006