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Shock Guide

We are building up a list of Shock dimensions for Toyotas and other Marques so everyone can go out and buy normal shocks that are shorter, rather then paying ridiculous money for so called 'short strokes'. It also helps to find out whether your KYB's from one car, fit into another.

Much thanks to George Stocks Ltd in Onehunga, +64 9 270 7200

Excellent TRD insert measurement site:
NB: Some of these shocks are discontinued

Measurement Guide:
Front Shocks (inserts):
Extended Length = Extended length is from the bottom of the shock, to the bottom of the thread. (Not necessarily where the top spring carrier sits.)
Body Length = Bottom of the body, to the top... pretty straight forward.
Stroke Length = Extended length - Body... again, straight forward.

Rear Shocks (eye bottom, pin top):
Extended length = Center of the eye, to the bottom of the pin.
Body Length = Bottom of the body, to the top...
Closed Length = Center of the eye, to the bottom of the pin when compressed

Front Insert Dimensions:

Body length: 402mm
Extended length: 604mm
Extended minus Body: 202mm
Outside Diameter: 43.5mm

Body length: 336mm
Extended length: 500mm
Extended minus Body: 164mm
Outside Diameter: 43.5mm

Celica T/RA63
Body length: 405mm
Extended length: 605mm (3dr hatch maybe shorter then this)
Extended minus Body: 200mm
Outside Diameter: 43.5mm
Shaft diameter: 22mm

Corolla KE35:
Body length: 414mm
Extended length: 613mm
Extended minus Body: 199mm
Outside Diameter: 38mm

Corona TT132
Body length: 403mm
Extended length: 600mm
Extended minus Body: 197mm
Outside Diameter: 43.5mm

AW11 S/C (rear shock)
Body length: 345mm
Outside Diameter: 43.5mm

Tokico HTS
Body length: 332mm
Extended length: 476mm
Extended minus Body: 144mm
Outside Diameter: 43.5mm

Rear Shocks Dimensions:

Extended Length: 560mm
Closed Length: 335mm

Peugeot 505
Extended length: 420mm
Extended minus Body: 270mm
KYB Twin Tube (Oil) Rating (344004): 1900/600

Toyota Cressida/Mark II GX70 Station Wagon
Dimensions unknown but good for AE86 rear shock, sim to Peugeot above, maybe stiffer

Hilux (front shock)
Extended length: 420mm
KYB Monotube (Gas) Rating (KG5437): 3100/1000

Mazda RX-7 Gen 1
Extended Length: 540mm
Closed Length: 323mm

Celica T/RA63
Extended Length: 620mm
Closed Length: 320mm

'82 Camaro (16" wheels)
Extended Length: 486mm
Closed Length: 309mm

Tokico HTS
Extended Length: 455mm
Closed Length: 307.5mm

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