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Tech - Projects - Matt's KE35

Matt's KE35 Picture 1

Matt's KE35 Picture 2

Matt's KE35 Picture 3

Matt's current KE35

1978 SR Coupe
Rear wheel drive

Transplant 4k 1300cc Engine
Twin Down Draught Carbs with factory airbox
Converted 5speed K50 From Wagon
New Spark Plugs and fresh oil
Standard Exhaust (not too loud) Has a coby reso in it

Front struts have been shortened
New KP60 inserts
New Lovells Springs(100% captive and pass wofs)
New front rotors and pads
Rear has one leaf removed
2inch brand new lowering blocks with brand new ubolts

Has had major rust work and panelled with steel including chassis
!! $$$ spent !!
Full underbody sealer coated and also the inside of the boot.
Painted in 2k Bright Ferrari Red
Has had the front seats retrimmed in original vinyl

Matt's old KE35
Running 5K supercharged engine, low down, hotwires....

Matt's previous KE35

Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006