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Megasquirt Install into AA60

UPDATE 9th March 2015

This article was written a long time ago. A lot of the info is probably no longer relevant and no longer the correct method of installing.
Updated links only to current ones:

Megasquirt was originally designed by Bowling & Grippo and they still have hardware licenses and maintain a code.

My recommendation is to use and follow the MSExtra project instead here:

Main Tuning Software: Tuner Studio

To purchase MS1, MS2. MS3, wideband gear and related parts check out:

Thanks to Team Garage Dori, Nite Parts, Lance, Stu, and everyone else involved with this project, sorry if I've missed you.

UPDATE 16th December 2004

Please note that this was the first Megasquirt install I did, so things would be fair bit different now. Feel free to hit me up on the forum if you've got a question.

I was looking around a few years ago for custom ecus that one could build up, and self tune. At the time, offerings from diy-efi (Efi332) and Megasquirt were available. I considered Megasquirt, and downloading as much about it as I could. Changes in motors and cars however, along with no mods that really required a custom ecu put it on the backburner.
Now though, with the Carina, and subsequently turboing it on the stock ecu, we discovered that we had reached the limits of the stock ecu's fuelling capability, without adding auxillary devices like S-AFC's and AIC's.

So in January (2004?), I asked around and purchased an ECU that was just about finished. It had been circuit tested, and I only had to mount it in a case and solder a couple of FET's (Transistors) in. Even though that was all that was required for the ECU building, it took a fair while to do.. and there's more then just the assembling to worry about... loom, Engine stuff...

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