Garage Dori
4A-GE Dyno Graphs - Factory ECU

These are a collection of our Standard 4AGE ECU Dyno graphs to date. All are from Torque Performance.

Karl's bluetop 4AGE Carina. It has trd headers, 2" exhaust with reso + muffler, no air filter.

Karl's bluetop 4AGE Carina now with a T25 on a Nite Parts Manifold, no inter cooler, and a 2" downpipe with 1.25" screamer. Stock ecu + Injectors

Matts initial Turbo setup from a couple of years ago. Running 5lbs, 0 degrees advance, stock ecu + injectors, T3/4 and a prototype exhaust tube manifold.

Matts next turbo setup. Nite Parts Manifold, Garret T25, Celica GT4 cooler, 2" dp + 1.25" scream, stock ecu + injectors. Rest as per dyno sheet.

Matts revision of above. S13 T25 turbo, more boost, 2.5" downpipe.

Matts revision again. Change only in the exhaust, now with just a 2" sidepipe.

Karl's redtop (smallport) AA60, running FWD manifold cut+shut for RWD, and standard 4age ECU as at April 05.

Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006