Garage Dori
Matt's Turbo AE86

OK i got my blow off valve(from R32 SKYLINE) and intercooler(from 4AGZE).All that was left to do now was mount it all up and modify the engine sump for the turbo oil retern. The mounting went quite smoothly and was quick helped mostly by the fact i was on holiday. I used all the original fittings from the gze intercooler just with bits and pieces cut off here and there. Everything is held together with coupling hoses and hoseclamps like a standard intercooler but its also held on with a bracket to the support beam in the middle of the car.

When it was all in I found the oil feed pipe had broken and was leaking oil plus the car would not fire so i used a rubber hose and clamp to get oil to the turbo(which later turned out to be a bad idea).

And being a lazy sort of person i didnt want to muck around trying to get the car to start(I suspected it was the dizzy) so i tied the car to the back of my dads HOLDEN GEMINI and off we went to TAMA AUTOS for the sump modification(done by ROTAMOTION of henderson). To attach a fitting to the sump the engine needed to be lifted to take it out so that was most of the work and it turned out the dizzy was stuffed with the sump modded and dizzy replaced we went for the start ...crank...crank..crank ...and vroooom it went ..ran for 2 seconds then pop of came the rubber hose for the oil feed ..we re-attached the hose and it was ok but kept splitting so i replaced it with a braded steel line which ive had no trouble with.

Next problem was the T-connector used for the oil feed was leaking and was very difficult to fit the oil sender to ..but was easily fixed with an extendor and loctite for the threads.

After that not enough fuel so homemade mixture was installed using a variable resistor spliced into the water temperature sensor and in the process i broke the vaccum sensor and the car fueled very rich but was very fast and spooled up at about 2100rpm!!! so i now run 2 vaccum sensors on a switch one for max power and one for normal but with the mixture mod still fuels up to 7500rpm and boosts 4.8kg/cm(wastegate is fully open at that boost level) and is quite happy at that boost level ..but i have 250cc ae92 injectors to go in soon . But the car is running excellently on boost and i love the feeling and the sound its amazing especially when coming out of a 4age in AE86.

Only other problem i had was that the downpipe had a crack in it probably from my harsh method of putting in manifold(MENTAL NOTE TAKE OFF DOWNPIPE WHEN REMOVING/FITTING MANIFOLD).But my girlfriends dad fixed it up for me.
I removed the water washer bottle from the left(cars left) hand side and replaced it with an AE85 unit and used the old radiator bottle as a catch can for the oil coming out of the newly pressurised head. I also had to get a new radiator and so decided on a mint AE86 type and replaced the belt driven fan with an electric fan which runs all the time now and to aid in further cooling the bonnet was proped up at the back with 2 washers.

All up it took me 2 weeks to install and then another 3 or so to iron out the small problems but its an ongoing project with need of more parts eg.programmable ecu bigger injectors etc but the most fun you can have for roughly $800bucks. Oh and the hose i used for the bov and boost guage are from washer bottles with joining pieces bought from a wrecker.

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Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006