Garage Dori
Matt's Turbo AE86

So i went and bought the kit. And my modification bill was now up to $500 and not knowing what i was doing i started work on my project in my mid semester break from university. First thing I purchased was 2inch steel pipe and had it bent into 2 right angles for front mounting my intercooler(the kit came with a couple of pipes which made planning and fitting of pipes much easier). Also the AE86 had these lovely little holes that with a little elbow grease would be perfect for 2inch piping which is why I decided on the size.

Next I took the front of the car to pieces removing radiator and other such things in the way of progress. Then came the widening of holes just under the lights for piping.

With pipes in place I got out my trusty angle grinder and cut my headers off and bolted the manifold and turbo in place. It all fitted in perfectly now I just had to wait for my blow off valve and intercooler to arrive.

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Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006