Garage Dori
Karl - AE70

83 Toyota Corolla [KE70]

4A-GE 20V Blacktop - 1600cc, dohc
MS3x ECU controlling fuel and quad coils.
Quad EGT's.
Gilmer pulleys.
HT18 T3/4 Turbo.
Oil Cooler.
550cc 3S-GTE Injectors.
Extractors & 2.25" Under diff Exhaust.
AE86 Fuel Tank with DW pump.

AJPS calliper mount kit - FC3S Front Calipers with EG6 rotors.
Convert Motorsports Custom Flywheel.
Tilton Twin Plate Clutch.
Nite Parts CNC J160 Bellhousing Kit.
J160 Altezza 6 speed gearbox.
Toyota Hilux Diff.
Strange Motorsport S14 Calipers & cables.
Two Piece big uni Driveshaft by Drive Inn.
4.3:1 shimmed up LSD.

K-Sport front Coilovers.
T3 roll center adjusters.
BC Gold rear coilovers.
Reinforced tension rod brackets.
Hardrace front tension rods.
Super Pro bush lower arms.
Super Pro bush 4 links.
Cusco AE86 swaybars front & rear.
Cusco lateral rod.

Front: 15" x 7JJ +0 Kyusha copies + 195/45 Toyo's.
Rear: 15" x 7JJ +0 Kyusha copies + 195/45 Grid 3's

Cream paint.
Racepro bucket seats.
Professional Alarm.

Weight: Unknown.
Drag (turbo): 14.5@94s on 7psi - 2.3s 60ft (slippery)
Drag (NA): 15.5s@85?mph.
Dyno Runs (turbo): 229rwkw@x PSI.

Previous Car(s):
83 Toyota Levin (AE86) - 4AGE Conversion

91 Mazda RX7 (FC3S) - 433ps Panspeed tune

85 Toyota Corolla SE (AE70) - 4AGE Conversion

85 Toyota Carina (AA60) - 4AGE Conversion

79 Toyota Corolla SR (KE35) - 2T-GEU Conversion

Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006