Garage Dori
Karl - AE70

83 Toyota Corolla [KE70]

4A-GE 20V Blacktop - 1600cc, dohc
MS3x ECU controlling fuel and quad coils.
Gilmer pulleys.
HT18 T3/4 Turbo.
Oil Cooler.
550cc 3S-GTE Injectors.
Extractors & 2.25" Under diff Exhaust.
AE86 Fuel Tank with DW pump.

FC3S Front Calipers on big rotors.
Convert Motorsports Custom Flywheel
Tilton Twin Plate Clutch.
Nite Parts CNC J160 Bellhousing Kit.
J160 Altezza 6 speed gearbox.
Toyota Hilux Diff.
Strange Motorsport S14 Calipers & cables.
Two Piece big uni Driveshaft by Drive Inn.
4.3:1 shimmed up LSD.

K-Sport Front & Rear Coilovers.
Reinforced Tension Rod Brackets.
Hardrace front tension rods.
Convert Motorsport Lower Arms.
Rod end rear 4 links.
Whiteline Adjustable Panhard Rod.

Front: 15" x 8JJ +0 Sportmaxx + 155/45 Toyo's.
Rear: 15" x 8JJ +0 Sportmaxx/TE37V + 195/45 Grid 3's

Cream paint.
Racepro bucket seats.
Professional Alarm.

Weight: Unknown.
Drag (turbo): TBA
Drag (NA): [email protected]?mph.
Dyno Runs (turbo): [email protected] PSI.

Previous Car(s):
83 Toyota Levin (AE86) - 4AGE Conversion

91 Mazda RX7 (FC3S) - 433ps Panspeed tune

85 Toyota Corolla SE (AE70) - 4AGE Conversion

85 Toyota Carina (AA60) - 4AGE Conversion

79 Toyota Corolla SR (KE35) - 2T-GEU Conversion

Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006