Garage Dori
Karl - FC3S

This Car has been Sold!!
All actions by this car and its new owner can no longer be associated with Garage Dori, but for the record, here are it's specs at time of sale.

90 Mazda RX7 S5 [FC3S]

13B Turbo.
Blitz 1000cc Injectors.
Panspeed Rebuild with Port.
TD06-25G Turbo Kit w/ external.
Trust 3 core Front Mount intercooler kit.
Water pump pulley kit.
Alloy Alternator Pulley.
SUS Muffler.

OS Gilken Twin Plate Clutch.
Stainless clutch line.
Unknown LSD.

HKS Hypermax II Coilovers.
Uras Inner Tie Rod & Tie Rod Spacer.
FreeStyle Auto Garage Toe Cancellers

Front: 17" x 9JJ +30 CST Zero-1 Hyper + 215/40 Federal
Rear: 17" x 8.5JJ Mazdaspeed + 255/40 Unknown

HKS Oil Temp meter.
HKS Water Temp meter.
HKS Exhaust Temp meter.
GReddy Boost meter.
Mazdaspeed Rollbar.
HKS Turbo Timer.
Blitz Dual SBC.
Suede Handle.

Unknown Fibreglass Front lip.
Unkonwn Aero Mirrors.
Factory White Paint.

Weight: Unknown.
Drag: Unknown.
Dyno Runs: 433ps @ 1.2kg.

Previous Car(s):
85 Toyota Corolla SE (AE70) - 4AGE Conversion

85 Toyota Carina (AA60) - 4AGE Conversion

79 Toyota Corolla SR (KE35) - 2T-GEU Conversion

Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006