Garage Dori
Karl - AE70

This Car has been Garaged!!

85 Toyota Corolla [AE70]

4A-GE Smallport Redtop - 1600cc, dohc
Professionally built by Glendene Engine Reconditioners (GER).
MegaSquirt-I ECU controlling fuel and quad coils.
TRD 0.8mm headgasket.
Ported and Skimmed head. full balance, shot peen, etc.
Toda 304/288 8.5mm cams, valve springs & cam gears
Silvertop 20V Rods, ITB's & Custom Trumpets.
Extractors & 2.25" Under diff Exhaust.
AE86 Fuel Tank.
Solid Mounted.

Nite Parts CNC A->W (Supra) Bellhousing.
Goodworks-SPL 3.7kg AE86 Flywheel.
Glenn Parts Puck Clutch disk.
Alloy single row Crank Pulley.
W55 Gearbox. Solid Mounted.
Toyota Hilux Diff - Built by Lance. S13 discs & AE92 callipers.
One Piece big uni Driveshaft by Drive Inn.
4.3:1 Locker.

Carina AA63 front struts - converted to coilovers by Lance.
Revolver GX Adaptor NCRA.
Cusco AE86 Pillow Uppers.
Front Shocks - KYB Super Circuit MR2 Rear.
Rear Shocks - KYB Hilux.
Eibach 550lb Front Springs.
Holden Rear Springs.
Nite Parts Adjustable Panhard Rod.
Whiteline Traction Brackets.
Brake booster removed.
Noltec/Nolathane full car bushes.

Front: 14" x 7JJ +0 Work Equipe's + 185/55 Grid 3s..
Rear: 14" x 7JJ +0 Work Equipe's + 185/55 Grid 2's

Tama Autos - Orange Exterior & Engine Bay Paint.
Twin round headlight conversion.
Octane Automotive - full 8 point cage. Homologated.
Nite Parts front strut brace.
New 4 point silverster lever lock harness
3One0 Professionally fitted alarm with central locking.

Weight: Unknown.
Drag: TBA
Dyno Runs:
NA - Cams, Port, Rebuild, 11:1 - 105rwkw

NA - Stock Redtop - 86rwkw

Previous Car(s):
85 Toyota Carina (AA60) - 4AGE Conversion

79 Toyota Corolla SR (KE35) - 2T-GEU Conversion

Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006