Garage Dori
Karl - KE35

This Car has been Sold!!
All actions by this car and its new owner can no longer be associated with Garage Dori, but for the record, here are it's specs at time of sale.

1979 Toyota Corolla SR (KE35)

2TGEU - 1600cc 8 Valve DOHC
Hurricane Headers with 2" Exhaust with Koby and Muffler
GARAGE |-" '| mixture control.
Catch Can.
No air filter.
SOON: Rebuilt 3TGTE turbo, manifold, etc, stock ECU
FUTURE: 3T Crank/Rods/Pistons 40" over + Group A rally Cams = 1850cc 2TGEU monster!

T50 gearbox
Lightened Stock Flywheel - 8kg -> 6.5kg
AE86 T series diff + discs + Toyota LSD set at 100% 4.11 ratio

Corona RT132 front struts.
Koni Red Shocks front - Corolla AE92,
Koni Red Shocks rear - Commodore Wagon.
Superpro bushes throughout.
4KG leaves (220lbsft) + 35mm blocks.
2 Coils cut off front, still captive, 2.5" drop.
SOON: AE86 Struts, with cut Kings, AE92 shocks.
FUTURE: 16mm Rear Swaybar, panhard rod, anti tramp rods.

14" x 6.5" Magroad Minilites
Front: 185/60 Falken ZE502 & Bridgestone Potenza
Rear: 185/70/13 Tyres on 6" +10 Heroes Racing wheels

Early 76 Black dash, and some trim
AW11 MR2 Seats
SOON: Desert Yellow Paint job

Weight: 910KG including spare wheel. 1/4 Mile: never done. Dyno: Never done.

Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006