Garage Dori
Keith - AE86

83 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GTV [AE86]

Standard 4A-GE Smallport Redtop block with Big Port head - 1600cc, dohc
Standard AE86 ECU,
Blue top cams,
Extractors & 2" Under diff Exhaust.
RX7 Series 4 oil cooler with remote oil filter kit.

Standard T50 Gearbox,
Standard flywheel,
4.3:1 T series diff with shimmed TRD 2-Way LSD,
LuK 30% uprated Clutch.

Front Shocks - Custom BELT DRIVE LTD revalve, oil and shorted front standard shocks,
Rear Shocks - KYB rear shocks,
Springs - TRD racing 8kg/mm (front), TRD racing 6kg/mm (rear)
Cusco Pillow Uppers.
Standard bushes,
Double rear sway bar.

Front: 14" x 7JJ -5 SSR Racing Star + 185/60 Falken Azenis ST115
Rear: 14" x 8JJ -16 SSR Racing Star + 185/60 Grid 2's

Striped interia,
Octane Automotive Full 6 points roll cage,
Momo Bucket Seats with Silverster 6 point cam lock harness,
Cusco front Strut Brace
Custom inner fender braces
Keith's Special front lips Laughing
Tama Auto prototype clear front indicator lense
Ferrari red 2 pac paint.

Weight: Unknown.
Drag: mid 16 sec
Dyno Runs:
2004 Nov 9, 85rwkw (Fortec Performance/ Torque Performance Dynometer)
2005 Jul 6, 68rwkw @ 7054 rpm (Speedwork/ Dynapack Chassis Dynometers)

Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006