Garage Dori
Brendan - AE86

83 Toyota Trueno [AE86]

Altezza Beams 3SGE.
Link LEMv5 ECU.
TRD 0.8mm headgasket.
Ported/Polished head.
Custom CSL Cams/VVTi disabled.
Blacktop 4AGE ITB's & Custom manifold & Trumpets.
Custom built stainless tuned exhaust manifold and under diff Exhaust.
20L Fuel Cell.
Twin Bosch fuel pumps & surge system.

Altezza modified 6 speed CR mission.
0.9kg billet flywheel.
Custom 7.25inch twin plate clutch
AE86 Kouki Diff with Cusco 2 way LSD & 4.8 gears.
2 Piece custom Driveshaft by Drive Inn.

AE86 Strut housings.
FC3S callipers on custom CNC mount with vented Rotors.
Cusco AE86 Pillow Uppers.
Modified D2 Coilovers Front & Rear.
Custom adjustable Watts Linkage.
Parallel alloy adjustable trailing arms.
Custom adjustable front lower arms.
Adjustable blade swaybars.
Custom quickrack steering & modified lock.

Front: 15" x 9.5JJ +0 Work Equipe's + 205/50 Potenza Adrenalins.
Rear: 14" x 8JJ -10 Work Equipe's/g5 replicas + 185/60 Grid 2's.

Green Full Car engine/in/out Paint.
Smokey Rear Tail Lights/facelift front lightset.
Full homologated custom 8 point cage & full seam welded body.
Fibreglass body conversion(doors, boot, bonnet, gaurds,bumpers,skirts).
Vertex bodykit.
Recaro SPG race seats/Border 5point harnesses.
Lexan lightweight windows throughout.

Weight: 825kg dry.
Drag: TBA
Dyno Runs: 260HP/9500rpm@flywheel.

Garage Dori at Tama Autos 2006